One of the biggest challenges of delivering high-quality OTT is avoiding video interruptions while streaming over the public Internet. Initially Tv On The Go has managed its own servers for transcoding videos for streaming using a combination of internal channel serving on another provider and complemented this by stitching together services from numerous content delivery network (CDN) providers.

However to ensure high-quality streaming video without buffering we learned to use higher level compression and less bandwidth. Moreover the use of multiple service providers is not the most economical option for launching for most brands but due to the internal software platform we use to manage bandwidth we can offer a really robust network.  As a company we continually upgrade the video streaming servers to accommodate growing traffic volumes.

TV On The Go sends their encoded videos directly to the consumer  after a conversion of signals that could be sent over IP. The network is based on many streaming video servers for multiple channels. TV On The Go® expanded to offer 800 channels, the expenses has continued to stay low as we aggregate and distribute better content. “Because AWS & Akamai handles all transcoding and packaging for a flat fee, we intend to start saving a ton of money per month and expect to ultimately  be profitable out of the gate.

Because we have to only serve licensed content it becomes a core strategy to only serve credentialed content. We must take measures to ensure we are not violating any distribution agreements. To that end, we rely on token authentication and user verification allowing us to protect the streams and encryption keys. Tv On The GO has selected a Geo Content Targeting feature to ensure content is not streamed beyond geographically restricted areas.